When feeling disconnected, we seek meaning and purpose, which pulls us towards a powerful and unfamiliar journey. I’d like to be a guide for you as you embark on this quest for self-discovery.


Return to that childhood place. Together, we will explore your current challenges, desires for the future, and your overall worldview in a curious and playful way.


Having a more expansive awareness of life’s highs and lows, dark and light, you can begin the process of acceptance and understanding of your humanity in all its beauty, as well as it’s painful thorns.

Saman Khazani

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Therapeutic Approach

Therapy is an exploration of the soul.

Each individual has a unique psyche that deserves a special kind of attention. I believe in an integrative approach to therapy, meaning I don’t feel tied down by one orientation. I am most drawn to looking at an individual’s unconscious life, which extends to exploring the dreams they have at night. Having a human connection is a priority to me. I like to feel like the client and I can share joy, sadness, and humor, in a natural and comfortable way.

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